Brent Beagle, CFA

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Local Knowledge - Extensive Experience

I enjoy helping people like you buy and sell their homes. When you sell, the focus is to get you the most money, in the shortest time, with as little work and stress as possible. When you buy, it's about working hard to help you find the home of your dreams at the best price, with the least risk and stress.

When we work together, you'll always have my expertise, advice and skills available around the clock. You'll never end up dealing with some junior assistant. I'll personally ensure you know the pros and cons of every decision you make throughout the entire process, so you can confidently decide what's best for you. Every time you call you'll always be talking to me, and it's always about what works best for you.

While Real Estate is my life, my other interests and hobbies provide exceptional extra value. When I'm not focused on helping people like you buy and sell their homes, I can be found;

1. Refining my public speaking skills at Toastmasters or other volunteer events. I enjoy the thrill of educating and entertaining a crowd from the front of a room. I offer the kind of confidence and posture you want in your corner, negotiating on your behalf.
2. Researching and investigating new technologies that allow me to be more effective at helping all my clients. I was a computer nerd as early as middle school in 1980. I went on to manage computer operations for a medium size telecommunications company while completing my B.Comm. in Finance in the late 80s and early 90s. I have the technical knowledge to give my clients many advantages throughout the buying and selling process, and my services are improving all the time.
3. Studying world financial, capital, and asset markets. In fact, as a CFA charter holder, I volunteered my time helping CFA candidates earn their CFA charter for many years. It's important to me because the CFA charter is one of the most respected designations in the world of finance, and most importantly, the CFA Institute makes educating the industry about ethics one of its primary missions. The initials C.F.A. refer to Chartered Financial Analyst. To earn your charter, you must first complete an extremely rigorous graduate level program that focuses on ethics in the financial world, asset and investment valuation, asset allocation, forensic accounting, economics, and many other areas of investment analysis. It also covers the workings of world financial, capital, currency, debt, derivative, and asset markets to name a few. This knowledge leads to insights about how world events and international markets may impact the local real estate market. While no market is highly predictable, my general knowledge of markets and various analytical skills help me offer many insights to clients just like you.
4. Playing golf, traveling, reading, hiking, or socializing with family, new friends, and life long friends from my days at Royal Oak Middle School and Claremont Secondary School.

I have personally developed many systems for buying and selling real estate. It's all designed to get you the best deal, with the least effort from you, while minimizing your risk and stress.

Work with me, and you'll soon see why many people consider me their best friend in real estate. It's been my life for close to two and a half decades.

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