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Dear Readers:

Where does one begin to earn the right to introduce himself to folks he's never met® Well, let's start at the beginning. My first job was to sign aboard the Canadian Coast Guard Icebreaker, "Camsel." Moving through the ranks over the years, I became QuarterMaster aboard the Search and Rescue Cutter, "Ready."

What does this have to do with Real Estate® you ask. Simple. During those years I had the privilege of anchoring, mooring, or docking at every hamlet, village, township, and city on Vancouver Island, which gave me valuable insight into the various communities making up this beautiful, breathtaking part of the world.

After I married, I decided I needed a more home-centred career, which I found as a representative of products used in barber shops and beauty salons. This led me, once again, to visit every hamlet, village, township and city on the Island. I decided to enter Real Estate in 1992, and over the years I've seen a great deal of change; however, what remained constant was my interest in Vancouver Island's communities. What Real Estate has taught me is the importance of being knowledgeable in regard to educating my clients, familiarizing them with their areas of interest: taxation, shopping, schools, recreation, lifestyle, and so on.

I take great pride in ensuring my clients are well informed in regard to the properties they may be considering, and also in being affiliated with Pemberton Holmes, a Brokerage that has embraced all the latest technologies but also still holds close the ethics of "Old-School" standards.

I would be honoured to be interviewed as your potential Agent in regard to your housing wants and needs.

With best cheers,
Byron Houston

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