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My real estate career began in the fall of 1977 in Winnipeg, MB. Born and raised there, I left accounting studies and an early career path in favor of real estate. It would prove to be the right choice. From residential construction and appraisal to marketing and consulting, it offered so much diversity and challenge for the right individual. But it was the continual connection with people and the opportunity to play a significant role in their real estate decision-making process that was the biggest reason for choosing this profession. That feeling of purpose has remained front and center over my entire career.

Over the years, I've studied psychology, communication and creative writing skills, finance, and real estate law; adding these principles to my portfolio. My love of photography has also given me the opportunity to incorporate this art form into my marketing service; providing a unique and personal perspective to each property that I have represented as a listing agent.

In the spring of 1991, after 14 years in the industry, I left my hometown of Winnipeg to continue my career on beautiful Vancouver Island. I will always have fond memories of my years in Winnipeg. It is still one of the best cities in Canada.

Today, my family and I reside in Victoria, BC. Having two kids involved in a variety of interests over the years including hockey, baseball, dance, and music, gave me the opportunity to connect with many families in the community through a variety of volunteer coaching and fundraising events. Most of my business has revolved around the needs of families and the life changes that occur over time. I have observed the circle of life truly evolve in the lives of many families across this country.

When it comes to REALTORS®, I have had the privilege of working with some great real estate professionals. Back then, a handshake meant something and the valued principles of business still widely existed. Common courtesies of "please" and "thank you" were often heard and more respect was shown towards one another. Although the manner of how we conduct our lives has changed, there are those individuals who still practice theirs with a high degree of integrity, honesty, and professionalism. I'm proud to say that I am one of them. Being selected to represent a client as their trusted real estate advisor comes with a huge responsibility; one which I have never taken lightly because it involves the biggest financial decision most people will ever make in their life.

Although most of my business is now generated through referrals from clients and friends, I always make myself available to meet with new clients as well. Because my passion for real estate continues to grow, you will continue to receive the highest standard of service that you should expect from a REALTOR® today.

Before you make your next move...make your first move and call to arrange a complimentary consultation. I promise It will be the best move you will ever make in real estate.

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