Learn and grow with professional education

We are very pleased to offer various training avenues for all agents at Pemberton Holmes.

Pemberton Holmes licensees with the Victoria Real Estate Board and the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board receive free one-on-one training in addition to the training offered by the local boards.

New licensees will be invited to attend an eight week Bootcamp facilitated by Managing Brokers and accredited training leaders. Topics for these weekly classes range from creating a business plan, to contract negotiation and personal marketing strategies.

All Pemberton Holmes agents are welcome to attend our weekly L.E.A.D. (Leadership, Education and Development) classes which are designed to educate on current subject matter based on what’s happening in the industry right now. These topics may cover a variety of subjects spanning from training on paperless platforms, social media marketing, effective listing presentations, compliance classes, commercial real estate essentials, and new construction, to name a few.

We invite guest speakers from various related industries to present to our agents on a variety of educational subject matters. Past presenters have spoken about the Homeowner Protection Act, systems-based referral marketing, HazMat Survey awareness, and an overview of becoming a Personal Real Estate Corporation (PREC).

At Pemberton Holmes, we are proud to assist you on your journey to success with our REALTOR® Training Program.

For more information, see Choosing An Agency, or contact Steve Kopnyitzki at 250-384-8124 or steve@phre.ca and ask about ongoing training for agents.

Lori Kersten, Managing Broker, REALTOR® Training Program

For more information contact

Steve Kopnyitzki
Managing Broker
Recruiting and Training,

Phone: 250-384-8124