Older generations have pioneered a style that is enviably neat and easy to live with. It’s known as ‘coastal grandmother’ or some variation of the name. It implies a retirement lifestyle in relaxed locales that are inherently humanistic. We see it popularized in movies such as Something’s Gotta Give or It’s Complicated.

Retired, relaxed, and still a little neurotic, these icons of easy living have found peace with themselves and their decor. This group has learned to take time for themselves and enjoy daily pleasures, such as dinner with a friend or evening walks.

Within these idyllic fantasies, formal gives way to dream-like spaces and chic minimalism. Sanctuary and calm reflect the experience and depth of character that are essential to knowing what to keep and what to give away. Technology is mostly invisible, and where it appears, it is minimalist to fulfil a specific role.

Naturalistic sensibilities will influence interior design for several more years. Look for themes dominant in 1970s California such mixed media, slubbed linen, and classical lines. Mystical elements such as apothecary, mushrooms, and primitive art revisit the aesthetics of the era.

Minimalist, glossy kitchen cabinets with hidden handle pulls were very popular during the 2010s. This sleek won hearts when juxtaposed with traditional architectural details found in older homes. It still works well, especially in small condominiums where too much detail can seem like clutter.

Basic colour schemes are giving way to common, neutral palettes and complex pairings. Look for combinations such as magenta, khaki, and light pastels in one palette. In 2023, neutrals ground the room with these colour accents intended to change with the seasons.

Exiting the furniture scene this year is acrylic and caged lights that give the illusion of space. Instead, texture as minimalism allows a space to work as a blank canvas with the benefit of a tactile sensation. Digital lifestyles can be numbing and dissociative; texture brings us back to the real world.

With so many people working at home a trend persists towards feeling warm, allowing colour to stimulate, and interesting distractions on which to muse. Home offices will become more personalized and energizing rather than a clone of sterile office but still have a sense of discipline.

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