Victoria property investments

Victoria, BC is home to the provincial legislature and the University of Victoria. The combination of a stable economy and a youth-oriented lifestyle has made Victoria a top destination for professionals from across Canada. Tourism, technology, and government have made this area into a robust and diverse economic power, well poised for future growth. Proactive and environmentally conscious civic leadership has been keen to invest in the business sector while retaining its heritage. These dynamic combinations of health and wealth ensure that Victoria will continue to grow at a rate exceeding 4% per year.

One of the most popular features of Victoria is the climate. Warm winters and mild summers attract people from across Canada to live and retire on the shores of Vancouver Island. The population trends are a sign of a rising market and Victoria property investments are a good choice. Market conditions are balanced which presents opportunities for rental properties. The rental market is strong with a .5% vacancy rate (2019) and is compromised of mostly private investors renting condo units.

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Fun facts about Victoria, BC

  • The downtown area is highly walkable and features buildings dating back to the 19th century
  • Double-decker buses are still used here just like the ones in London, England
  • The Chinatown area is filled with restaurants and shops with goods that overflow into the street
  • Victoria is also known as the City of Gardens thanks to the wide array of plants that grow here
  • There are hundreds of miles of recreational paths and trails – we’re the cycling capital of Canada
  • Local waters have an incredibly diverse marine population with clear waters that are ideal for diving
  • About 80 resident killer whales live in the area
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