Peter Watts

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Peter has been an active, successful real estate agent on Vancouver Island for over two years; he attributes his success to his focus on "being of service." The foundation for this philosophy is from his career in Hospitality & Tourism spanning 30 years, over three continents (13 countries), mainly in the tropics, initially in Resort Sports Management (Scuba), managing some of the Caribbean's most extensive Dive facilities, Food & Beverage Management (restaurant owner & chef) and then Hotel General Management.

Real Estate has always held a strong allure; both his parents were "Estate Agents" in the UK; Peter also worked in the UK, at a time before Hospitality, as a rental agent in London and then while living in the Caribbean, he was often involved in Real Estate referrals for both residential and tourist-based businesses.

Peter was born in England, but due to his father's zest for adventure, the family moved to Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), where his father started a Pool construction company. This is where he developed a love of sports, Rugby, Tennis and Waterskiing. In his teens, his family moved on to Durban, South Africa. In South Africa, he continued with Rugby, playing for the School, University, and the local town; he enjoyed Surfing at the local beach but fell in love with Scuba Diving while visiting Mauritius. Scuba quickly changed from a recreational sport to a professional career, initially as a Treasure Hunter in the Caribbean and then as a Scuba instructor in various resorts worldwide.

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