Choosing a career in real estate can be a rewarding and fulfilling journey of personal development and community involvement. It can also be a struggle to succeed which is why choosing an agency that fits you is very important. One of your most important assets in your business plan is your brokerage and their sales support. It’s important that you interview your prospective broker to see if your needs are met and to get a sense of the company culture. A good fit makes all the difference.

It may be helpful to understand that an agent is part of a company sales team but also the broker’s client. At Pemberton Holmes, we try to ensure that you have all the tools and skills you need to be successful. Our motto is to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves and that means giving you all the support and attention that you need to be your best. Someone is always on call to help you with details so that your transactions can proceed smoothly and without mistakes.

When you meet with a Pemberton Holmes recruiting manager you can expect to have a two-way conversation that is about your ambition and what we have to offer. Bring all your questions about commissions, fees, lead generation, and training to the first meeting. We want to make an impression on you, as well!

Below are some common questions that new and transferring licensees have. Let us know if there is a question you would like to see posted on this page.

Questions to ask

Is the company healthy?

Pemberton Holmes is owned by Michael Holmes and his brothers Richard and Peter. It has been in business since 1887 and owned by the same family. Two of our office locations are owned by related companies. We have a diverse business and no debt. Use Pemberton Holmes as a benchmark when choosing an agency.

How much are the monthly fees?

Pemberton Holmes Ltd. is independent, family-owned brokerage so there are no franchise fees. Our administration fees are competitive and commission splits are decided between the agent and the manager. We are a member – at no cost to you – of Aventure Realty, the largest referral network of independent real estate companies in Canada.

How is the company brand managed?

Pemberton Holmes Ltd. maintains a high standard of branding as well as up to date office equipment and décor (in our opinion!) We are proactive and use a number of innovative strategies to keep our company name top-of-mind for consumers.

Is training included?

When choosing an agency, training opportunities should be the first consideration for new agents. Pemberton Holmes Ltd. provides one-on-one MLS System® training, weekly training classes, weekly office meetings (see below) and a three-month mentoring program. We also offer seminars on various subjects on a regular basis. We do not charge for training directly or indirectly through higher fees or commission splits.

What are sales meetings for?

Pemberton Holmes Ltd. has sales meeting every week with a lawyer and mortgage broker in attendance as well as other guest speakers. Coffee and a light breakfast are provided. Attendance is optional, however it is strongly recommended in order to ensure agents stay up to date on what is happening in the industry. Sales meetings adjourn to a ‘caravan tour’ of the new listings in the area. This is a terrific opportunity to see the local inventory and allows you to speak with confidence when making comparisons.

Let’s talk about sales support

We provide a New REALTOR® Package with a variety of resources for all agents. Through partnerships, we offer a free personal webpage with your listings and an easy lead generation system that you can use in any website. In addition, we have a full-time REALTOR® Services Coordinator to assist you with the details and procedures needed to get started. Pemberton Holmes Ltd often will contribute to group ads, including out full page ad in the Boulevard magazine and our double page sread in Real Estate Victoria. In Victoria we post and ad in the Times Colonist each month to promote our monthly leaders, and once per year to congratulate our annual leaders.

What about office locations?

We have offices in all the major cities on Vancouver Island and several convenient neighbourhood offices within the Greater Victoria area. Depending on the location, you may wish to rent a private or semi-private office or simply use a cubicle in one of the common areas. All agents have access to private meeting rooms, a professional boardroom, office equipment, and kitchen facilities.

Is the company involved in the community?

We support several charities and organize several “hot dog” events, pot luck lunches and other community fundraising events. We have also entered a running / walking team in the annual TC10k run and the CIBC Run For the Cure for the past several years. Participation in events is entirely optional – but are always a good time! We often organize a variety of social events throughout the year including bowling, pub nights and family picnics and host a company golf tournament and Christmas party each year. There are no required social fees and our Christmas Party is free.

Want to know more? Make an appointment with a manager today and begin your career in real estate.

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