Victoria has tons of options when it comes to places to grab a bite of food in the easily walk-able downtown core catering to every budget and palette There’s everything from upscale restaurants overlooking the mountains and sparkling sea while you dine, to diners with uncomplicated eggs and toast for a casual Sunday morning breakfast with friends. Whether you are looking for a farm to table menu, home-style comfort food, a smoothie to pair with your kale salad, or deep fried mini donuts glistening with brown sugar, you will find it amongst Victoria’s many eateries.

Poke Fresh

One of the main dishes of Native Hawaiian cuisine, the widely popular Poke Bowl is typically made up diced raw fish like salmon or tuna, an array of colorful vegetables, and a grain such as rice or quinoa with a complimentary sauce on top. One of the best places in Victoria to try this delicious dish is at Poke Fresh. Located in the Cook Street Village a stone’s throw away from Dallas Road, this is the perfect spot to grab a Poke Bowl and head down to the beach to enjoy your meal. Poke Fresh is committed to sustainability by prioritizing local ingredients, using only Ocean Wise certified fish, and providing biodegradable take out containers. This is a healthy and environmentally conscious meal you can feel great about eating.


Family owned and operated, the menu at Varsha reflects passion, dedication, and the owner’s creative twist on the classic Indian food we all know and love. Stop by for lunch, dinner, or happy hour to enjoy burgers, refreshing cocktails, and main plates featuring an extensive list of traditional Indian dishes including curries as well as fun fusion-fare bursting with color and flavor. Varsha is conveniently located on Government Street close to tons of shops and tourist attractions in the historical China Town area. Stop by for a satisfying Lamb Curry and signature Varsha Mint Mojito after a long day of strolling through the cobblestone streets downtown.    


With day and night offerings, the Sherwood on Pandora Street serves up breakfast, lunch, and dinner in their swanky cafe-meets-bar restaurant. The Sherwood’s hospitality-forward approach shows in their accessible and well designed space that caters to any time of day or occasion. Centrally located, the Sherwood makes it easy to pick up your fresh morning coffee and a perfectly flaky croissant on your way to work and come back to meet friends and colleagues for drinks when the day turns to night. The menu at the Sherwood includes trendy Avocado Toast, summery Cowichan Bay Pasta and decadent Bavette Steak.

As you can see, Victoria is a city that loves culture, creativity, and really great food. If you are someone who loves to eat well you are in good company here. Maybe you have even dreamed about starting your own business in the restaurant industry to bring your own personal flair and flavor to the local restaurant scene. If so, we invite you to check out the commercial listings page on our website. One of our Commercial Agents would be happy to guide you through the Victoria Real Estate Market and help make your dream come true.